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Pastoral Team of Elders

The elders guide and direct the spiritual life of the church, particularly focusing on matters concerning teaching, preaching, encouragement, and prayer.

Our current elders are:

Jacob Altland

Tom Baker

Bill Jackson 

Gary Kern

Joe Laskowski

Wayne Nakoneczny

Ryan Pitt

Fred Ryan

Roy Smith

Efrain Vazquez

Deacon Ministry Team

The deacons and deaconesses assist the elders by coordinating various ministries that relate to the physical needs of the congregation. They each may oversee a particular church ministry. At their discretion, the deacons and deaconesses gather volunteers in support of their work. More than serving, the deacon ministry promotes service.

Our current deacons are:

Lauren Humpage

David Lesage

Katrina Pitt

Shpend Shyti


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